Skills Every Cyber Security Expert Should Possess

Let’s face it, hackers aren’t going away anytime soon as technology continues to become a part of our daily lives. But finding true cyber security experts can be difficult because there aren’t enough people who possess the proper skills to fill in those shoes. If you’re looking for a cyber security expert to join your company, below are four of the professional and personal skills you should look for in a candidate.

1. A cyber security expert’s working habits should be methodical, analytical and adaptable.

A good cyber security professional will be detail oriented, able to examine each problem from every angle and have strong diagnostic expertise to dig into technical issues. He or she will also have a great understanding of current vulnerabilities by maintaining knowledge of present-day practices and methods, and be able to collaborate with others in a variety of situations since cyber security threats are constantly evolving.

2. A cyber security expert will (obviously) have a strong technical background.

This is a given, but the main point here is a cyber security professional should be well-versed in a variety of areas. Some include open source applications, network implementation, web application technologies and firewall and router technologies to name a few. They will also have a good understanding of the architecture and management of various operating systems, networks and software.

3. A cyber security expert will be a superior communicator.

Communication is key in every field, but it’s especially true in cyber security. A good cyber security professional should be able to actively listen and understand the needs of their customers, clearly articulate and write complex problems and solutions, and present various information and data pieces to both company managers and customers.

4. A cyber security expert will think big picture.

It’s important for a cyber security professional to understand security issues associated with operating systems, networks and software, but also examine security from a holistic view. Understanding security concepts as well as best practices, weaknesses and the general architecture of different systems and networks will help a cyber security professional diagnose and remedy the situation more efficiently.

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